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Dr Kasrai Preformed Revision Breast Augumentation/ Full Tummy Tuck (Revision) - Toronto, ON

Before I started my amazing journey with DR KASRAI, I had full tummy tuck with muscle repair(no repair was done!) so right away I could already see everything coming down, the skin began to hang more and more each day, my first surgeon ignored my concerns each and every time! My belly button I had complications with and again to be ignored and scared and saddened with my choice of surgeon from... READ MORE

My date is pending... Got great news from dr!!!

Well hello ladies!!! I'm new to this blog! But I have been apart of the TT blog I had TT on nov 20 and I love the results so far... But now I have decided to get BA I went for the consult a few days ago I have always had a small chest and its even worse now because I have had 6 kids and nursed all of them! So I usually just wear sports bras. My ps told me I was A cup. So I decided to go with... READ MORE

Appointment went ok except for injections in belly button ugh!!!

Hi im back reposting some how i ended up closing account (mommyto6) but just had to create new name.....hope all you girls are healing well with great results! Just to update i have 6 kids ages ranage from 4 to 16, i have wanted to have TT for yrs i have went up and down with my weight after having kids 2 yrs apart... finally i started working out and achieved the desired weightloss, but the... READ MORE

Questions from momto6

Tummy Tuck Scar? (photo)

I'm so scared at my scar! Please help will this get better!!! READ MORE

Please Any Advice on This Full TT/ with MR So Much Loose Skin? (photo)

I had my surgery nov 20 2012 full TT with muscle repair and I'm just finding my self so upset sad depressed with what's looking like most likely some what of results I know... READ MORE

Will Revision Tummy Tuck Help with Skin That Has Become Loose or Will It Happen Again? (photo)

Hi I'm just wondering if getting my revision TT will help with my loose skin that has been developing... My surgeon has agreed to do it at the 6 months mark.. With no charge... READ MORE

I Had Breast Augmentation Feb 26in Pain Ever Since? (photo)

Had pain right after, told my ps repeatedly.. Went to er was turned away went back to ps again he said it was nothing but explaining I had fever hot flashes, redness, swelling... READ MORE

Why Won't My Doctor Remove Implant After I Have Had Hemotoma and Blood Clot and Infection? (photo)M

I have already asked this question on here, I have had BA feb26 pain started from that day after 12 days of telling my ps and going into ER to demand to see on call ps! Within... READ MORE

What is the Best Treatment for Having Infection (Klebsiella Oxytoca) After Breast Augumentation? (photo)

I have had BA 4 Wks ago with severe pain after 2 Wks doctor in emerg decided to put needle in and drain fluid which was blood, the next day I had to rush back in very sick a ps... READ MORE

Had Infection and Hematoma Blood Clot Implant Was Removed and Cleaned and Placed Back? (photo)

I had hematoma, blood clot followed by bacteria infection, I had emergency surgery one wk after BA had implant cleaned and pocket cleaned the ps put implant back and put drain... READ MORE

I'm 5 Months Post Op Full Tummy Tuck and Muscle Repair. Will I Benefit with Having Another TT/MR? (photo)

Had full TT/MR 5 months post op at around 5 Wks this is what my appearance was and still is... Will i benefit from getting another full tummy tuck with muscle repair? Would I... READ MORE

Would It Be Beneficial when Having Revision for TT/ Have Vertical Incision? (photo)

Had full TT/MR in nov 2012 ps and myself had discussed after 2 months post op I would need revision too much loose skin remaining.... also had complications with BA... Done in... READ MORE

Had revision full tummy tuck Jan 2014. Will lower back side lift help me? (Photo)

I'm struggling with the excessive amounts of skin remaining after going through not one but 2 full tummy tucks one nov 2012 the (revision Jan 2014 new surgeon) but I'm still... READ MORE

Recent comments from momto6

Thats awesome good for you!!!! I'm having mine explanted as well July 27th I can't wait I have had such bad luck with getting these done... Finally in on the road to happiness... Lol :)! Thank you for sharing your story it helped make... READ COMMENT

Hi my first PS was in Windsor,ont... Dr Neissan, good luck with your upcoming procedures!! Dr kasrai is phenomenal! If you haven't yet researched her, you won't regret it! READ COMMENT

OMG!!!! i feel so bad for you, i have had several complications from my TT i needed revision as well failed muscle repair, went to a different surgeon i also had BA that to needed revision i actually was very sick after the BA and my... READ COMMENT

Hi thanks for your post... Sorry just replying back I haven't been on here in long time, but I can't believe how similar our stories are it's true we are very hard on ourselves but I now have realized I won't get the results I desire I... READ COMMENT

Thank you I checked it out and that is a bit reassuring to still have hope that I will get better just need to be patient and start working out! :) thank you again for helping READ COMMENT