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Eyes Are Sunken in my Skull 8 Yrs After Traditional Blepharoplasty?

My eyes are sunken in their orbits and hollowed out with drooping of the lateral portion of the eye, causing a very old, awful look after having traditional blepharoplasty 8... READ MORE

Why Are Pre-blepharoplasty Pts Not Told It Causes Hollowness?

My eyes are hollow and sunken in their orbits.I had beautiful almond shaped eyes with some "bags" prior to blepharoplasty. I would NEVER have signed up for a surgery that I... READ MORE

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You are very brave to have Restylane injected into your eye orbits...I, too have enophthalmos from fat removal traditional blepharoplasty. I am praying for a miracle cure that will give me my eyes & looks back. Sunken, hollow, weird &... READ COMMENT

"When orbital fat loss is first identified years after blepharoplasty, its tough to establish a causative effect" no it's not...I was not hollow prior to the fat being removed from my eyes...fat (volume) was removed from my eyes & now... READ COMMENT

Research enophthalmos (sunken eyes) caused by blepharoplasty. The fat pads removed during surgery creates a more hollow orbit which allows the eyeballs to recede back into their orbit's. This is a real adverse effect, written about in... READ COMMENT

I live in nyc area (known to have some of the "best" "top doctors" in the country. Went to a physicain written up year after year in all the journals and rating publications, board certified, great reputation.....still left with... READ COMMENT

Juvederm is not natural and there are very real risks involved in injecting botox & fillers...... risks that may not even be known yet. There is a motive for pushing injectibles...fast $$. Be very cautious about injecting anything in... READ COMMENT