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Juvederm in Vermilion Border (Lips)

I had 1 syringe of juvederm put in my vermilion border of my lips. I had none actually put in the lip.I am extremely pleased with my results and it's only been a day. I know that they're still a little swollen. There's also some bruising.I made sure not to take any aspirin or ibuprofen for 2 weeks before my procedure. I also used Arnica cream (bought at GNC) all around my mouth for a few... READ MORE

Prevelle Silk is Awesome!

I had prevelle silk done in my lips. It is so natural looking and is very soft. I have the lips that I was born with again!I'm not sure how long it lasts...probably around 3 months. It cost 260.00 and I will do it again in 3 months for that price. It looks that good!Sorry I don't really have any pictures that show a good shot of my lips before the procedure. READ MORE

Botox and Droopy Lid

The only con is the droopy lid. I hate it that I spent so much money and can't enjoy any of the benefits of the botox because my eye looks so awful. How long does droopy eyelid last? I had a very small amount of Botox injected. I have read it a hundred times since I had my botox done.  It's VERY important to research the person doing your injections.  Botox... READ MORE

Questions from missesteelaura

Droopy Eyelids Caused by Botox?

How long does droopy eyelid last? I had a very small amount of Botox injected. READ MORE

Neck and Chin Lipo Without the Resulting Loose Skin

Is 42 too old to have chin and neck Liposuction without ending up with a sagging skin? My skin is in good shape for my age, and I have always had this fat deposit in my neck... READ MORE

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Becky, sorry those awful things happened to you! I would say the "not knowing" part after this happened is what was the worst. You didn't really offend me. I knew better with my doctor than to challenge him. The whole thing was awful... READ COMMENT

Becky, if your doctor injected you for medical reasons, and you developed a droopy eye, I'm sure you wouldn't be happy. This was many years ago that this happened to me. I'm over it, but at the time it was devastating. Especially... READ COMMENT

I'm sure that there are many qualified nurses who inject botox. I just happened to get one who did a poor job. I'm certainly not saying all nurses will screw it up or that all doctors never make mistakes. READ COMMENT

Maybe blame is the wrong word. Blatant lack of concern or caring is uncalled for though. Pretty sure most injectors know not to inject into the eyebrow though. READ COMMENT

This happened years ago, but looking back I agree with you. I wish I would've been more aggressive with the doctor's office. I think I was in shock at their lack of concern and just wanted to move on. READ COMMENT