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I'm having a lot of pain. My breasts are very hard. It feels like they gonna explode. I have 330 cc silicones. How are you ? Are yours still high? I'm worried. I can't lift my arms. Still taking Vicodin and bunch of other Meds. READ COMMENT

Hi. My surgery is tomorrow. I'm very nervous and excited. Hope to hear from you before I go there. How are you feeling ? Are you in a lot of pain? READ COMMENT

When did you have yours done? READ COMMENT

Good luck !!! Can't wait for your update :)) mine is on November 28 th. I have the same fear: proportions, and, the pain of course. I picked up my prescriptions today so I don't have to worry later. I still need to buy some loose... READ COMMENT

I have my mom to take care of me, I will prepare some ice packs. I am pretty concerned though. I am going to C from A. It will be so weird for me. I need to go shopping, the clothes I have they're all size I don't think any... READ COMMENT