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Droopy Eyelid from Eyebrow Overplucking?

I'm guilty of frequently over plucking one of my eyebrows and I think it may have led to the skin under the brow becoming loose and thus a droopy eyelid. My other eyelid is... READ MORE

Should I Get Gaps Closed with Braces or Bonding? (Photos)

I'm 16 years old and currently have braces. My upper lateral incisor teeth aren't wide enough so there are gaps either side of them. I have the option to either have these gaps... READ MORE

One Eyelid Smaller/droopier Than Other? (photo)

Hi, I'm only 18 and my right eyelid is significantly droopier than my left. The only cause I can think of for this is 5 years of excessive eyebrow plucking during which I... READ MORE

What is Wrong with my Upper Lip? (Photos)

In the past year my upper lip has gone from fairly normal in size and shape to virtually non existent and uneven. The thing that confuses me most is how one side of my top lip... READ MORE