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More Red Spots After Fraxel Repair - San Jose, Costa Rica

There has been no change...still have permanent red spots all over my face.... Still dealing with red spots all over my face. I see no improvement from the fraxel resurfacing that I paid $1350.00 for this treatment. READ MORE

Horrible Results or I Should Say No Results Except Red Spots from my Laser Resurfacing - Costa Rica, CR

I went to a board certified dermatologist who was highlt recommended. I asked many questions before leaving for CR. I was told that I needed to stay for one week after my deep laser resurfacing as there would be quite a mess on my face. I had almost no obvious results from the procedure except... READ MORE

Questions from back to 50's

Botched Upper Lip Surgery?

I recently had a gull-wing lip lift as there were no upper teeth showing. The doctor never discussed with me the additional surgery that he performed along with the gull-wing..... READ MORE

Can a V-y Upper Lip Lift Be Reversed?

I had a vermilion lip lift, not a bullhorn lift. The surgeon took it upon himself to also do a v-y lift at the cupid's bow without asking me. It looks awful. My question is:... READ MORE

Surgery for Upper Eyelid Hollows? (photo)

Years ago, I had upper eyelid surgery. As I've aged the hollows in the upper eyelids have worsened. I've been told that there is a surgical procedure that removes a bit of... READ MORE

Recent Upper Vermilion Lip Shortening? (photo)

7 weeks ago, I had a upper lip vermilion enhancement. It looks just terrible. My PS also did a v-y at the cupid's bow without discussing it with me beforehand. My cupid's bow... READ MORE

Is There Any Effective Way of Lifting the Lower Lips So Teeth Don't Show?

Dr. was kind enough to respond to my botched upper lip shortenting (vermilion advancement). My new question is: is there an effective way of lifting the lower lip so that my... READ MORE

Bumps Still Left After Upper Lip Vermilion Advancement?

Almost 4 months ago, I had an uppper lip advancement (shortening). I've sent in photos before, and there certainly is improvement from those photos; however, I still have many... READ MORE

Should I Continue With Injections if These Bumps Are Still on my Lips After Cortisone Injections?

In early November, I had a vermillion lip advancement. It was suggested by one of your doctors that I have cortisone injections once a month until the bumps resolve. I've had 2... READ MORE

What Are These Bumps on Lips After Advanced Vermillion? (photo)

Dear Dr. Mayer, Thank you for answering my question about cortisone injections on my lips because of bumps left from my vermillion lip advancement. I hope you can see the bumps... READ MORE

How to improve UPPER eyelid hollowness?

Recently, I had Ptosis surgery. I am still left with one upper eye that has a hollow appearance. Will an injection of Bolotero high up in the orbital area correct this problem,... READ MORE

Costa Rica doctor that does buttocks lift?

I would like to come to Costa Rica for a buttocks lift (not a Brazilian lift-no implants). Could you suggest a plastic surgeon in Costa Rica that specializes in this procedure.... READ MORE

Why fat loss after fat transfer?

10 days ago, I had fat transfer to my temples. The procedure was done at NYU Surgical Dep't. After only 10 days, I have lost all of the fat. What could have gone wrong? Thank... READ MORE

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I had no idea that there were comments made about my experience with Dr. Tabush. I am not good with the computer, so I would like to respond now. I don't take pictures of my face...period. I simply don't like to have my picture taken... READ COMMENT

Would you mind telling me what a skull reshaping procedure is. thank you, valborg READ COMMENT

Would you be kind enough to give me a rough estimate as to the cost of the fat transfer to legs. I simply want the fat placed on the inside portion of the area just below the knees (where I'm bowlegged) Thank you so much...Valborg READ COMMENT

Dear Koje...will you post some photos so all of us at realself can view your progress. I had a disasterous lip lift with a vermillion type procedure. That is where the cutting is at the lip instead of under the nose. My PS did... READ COMMENT

Absolutely...he should have not charged you a penny!!! READ COMMENT