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Sounds like you have a spitting stitch. That's when your body rejects a dissolvable stitch. Your incision won't heal with it in there. go to your ps and he will snip it out for you or look for instructions online and you can do it... READ COMMENT

If you are stressed and can't control you're eating habits then I would not have a tummy tuck until you are mentally and physically ready. The more weight you lose or the more muscle you can gain, the more skin they can pull with less... READ COMMENT

Do you feel anything poking you when you feel along your incision? I had about a dozen dissolvable stitches that came up to the surface that caused infections because my body rejected them. Eventually I learned to run my fingers along... READ COMMENT

My bb was like that from swelling. I took a marble, covered it in Manuka honey (natural bacteria killer but won't kill the good bacteria) and gently pushed it into the bb and covered it with a large waterproof bandage . The pressure of... READ COMMENT

Happy Easter! He is awesome! READ COMMENT