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I am 20, and I plan to breastfeed. Do I Need a Lift with my Implants? (photo)

I am 20, and I plan to breastfeed. I do not want ANY unnecessary complications breastfeeding someday. I went to a consultation for breast augmentation and a lady who works for... READ MORE

When Can I Do Ballet After Breast Implants?

I had implants on Thursday. Jan 3rd. I want to start a beginning ballet class starting soon. When can I start the class? I want to try out for my college dance team in April! READ MORE

When Can I Take a Multivitamin After Breast Augmentation?

I know before surgey you aren't supposed to take vitamins, I am almost 3 weeks post surgey, when can intake Woman's One A day vitamins? Also, can I take fish oil pills? I... READ MORE

Will my Incisions Under Breasts Heal on Their Own?

I am almost 3 weeks post op my insisions are under my breast. I am not putting any cream on them, will they heal on their own? My sutures are out. Now they feel tingly but also... READ MORE

Is It Normal for my Breast Implant Incisions to Be Sore and Feel Like They're Rubbing?

I am 2 weeks post op and my insicions are under my breast. I saw my doctor about 5 days ago and he said all is well. But today my insicions mainly on my right side feel very... READ MORE