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Blushing Caused by Accutane?

Accutane, sometimes I think perhaps the negatives outway the positives. The blushing seems to be a major problem for me at the moment. Not quite sure it was worth it.I am currently on Accutane and I am constantly blushing of late. Was on Accutane several years before now as well and after I stopped taking the medication the blushing still continued. What can I do to stop the blushing,... READ MORE

Questions from Jade01

Labiaplasty After Accutane?

I have a rather embarrassing question that I'm too hesitant to ask my Dermatologist. I am currently on Roaccuatane and would like to know, once I finish taking the medication,... READ MORE

Sclerotherapy While on Accutane?

Is it okay to have Sclerotherapy performed on red spider or varicose veins on my legs while on Accutane? READ MORE

Affects of Herbal Supplements on Accutane?

Can dietary herbal supplements interfere with Accutane or Bactrim in any way? READ MORE

Accutane Causing Blushing?

I am continually blushing while on Accutane. What can I do? I have been taking Accutane for nearly a year now, it's my second course of treatment. The blushing seems to be... READ MORE

OK to Take Cymbalta While on Accutane?

Is it ok to be taking Cymbalta to treat my anxiety while on Accutane? I know sometimes Accutane can be associated with causing depression. I'm on my second course of... READ MORE

How Long is Too Long to Be on Accutane?

I've been on Accutane for 15 months now, I began on a dose of 40mg a day, my dermatologist then reduced my intake to 20mg a day the last 3 months. He now has told me he... READ MORE

Can I Have Hollows Filled While on Accutane?

I have dark circles and hollows under my eyes, so much so people are constantly telling me I look tired. I am on a low dose of Accutane, winding down and will eventually... READ MORE

Eye hollows filled while on Roaccutane with Cannula.

I'm on a very low dose of Roaccutane, 40mg per week, 20mg tablet twice a week, I wish to have my eye hollows filled with filler type JU, my doctor uses a cannula instead of a... READ MORE

Which filler is better for under eye hollows? (photos)

So I've made some inquiries and had one consulation with two different doctors, one uses Juvederm to fill under eye hollows and the other uses a combination of Perlane and... READ MORE

If I'm only on 40mg of Accutane a week, how long do I have to wait before I have evasive surgery?

I intend to have Labiaplasty in the future and was wondering how long should I wait before I have the surgery and what time frame should I wait before I resume the medication... READ MORE