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Botox Vs Surgery? (photo)

I have battled bulimia for the past five years.Also, For the past year and a half It has not been uncommon for me to go through an entire pack of chewing gum in the course of a... READ MORE

Bulimia Teeth. What to Do? (photo)

How bad is it?? Will they all need replaced? How can I stop the eroding and improve my enamel and the appearance from this point? I am in recovery and I am overwhelmed by how I... READ MORE

Pain, Assymetry, Swelling, Help? (photo)

Since nov 2012 I havent been able to go 2 wks w/o an outbreak of the following symptoms. They come one with 48 hours, cheeks start to swell (inside and out) get red when... READ MORE

Facial Plastic SUrgery For Asymmetrical Lips and Face Hurts and Feels Tight? (photo)

Last year pic I was pretty. 4 pds less then. now, lips are assymetrical, face hurts n feels tight. R face- the tissue feels paper thin yet puffy lower cheek w/ faint circle... READ MORE

CT Scan For Jaw Pain, Right Jaw is Over 1 cm Shorter Than My Left?

I had a ct scan done because I have been having very bad jaw pain. They found that my right jaw is over 1 cm shorter than my left. I am going to have an mri to look at the jaw... READ MORE

Candidate for Buccal Fat Removal or Face Lipo? (photo)

Is buccal fat pad removal/ face lipo an option? I really dislike how big my face is. Looks & feels like extra fat/skin bulges out at the lower part of my face when I smile.... READ MORE

Jaw implant verses Jaw bone grafts?

Several doctors have recommended a jaw implant to improve my facial asymmetry (I have a shorter jaw on that side) and one doctor suggest bone grafts in my jaw. I'm interested... READ MORE

Is Radiesse or bone grafts the best option to treat facial asymmetry secondary to bone loss?

I'm 23. I think the right sided bone loss is from an infected untreated tooth. I don't chew on this side because of worn down teeth, sensitivity, and TMD. This has caused... READ MORE