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I got tattoos when I was 15! 18 now, removing with picosure!

Hi everyone, I am 18 years old with three itty bitty tattoos that I regret. They are simple line tattoos and thank god that is all I got! I got these when I was 15 when my best friend got hold of a mini tattoo machine and we impulsively gave it go. (very dumb) Ever since I've been whatever about them but I would love myself more if these were just off me! I get embarrassed when people mention... READ MORE

Belly Button Scar Removal and Revision

So when I was 15 I had the bright idea of piercing my own belly button and to keep it short, it was pierced wrong, got infected and I had to take it out. But wait! What's worse is that I had pretty bad anxiety back then so I would repeatedly scratch this scar off ALL THE TIME. So needless to say the scar tissue had gotten really thick and raised and not pleasant looking. It is a relatively... READ MORE

Questions from mmmanasseh

Help with laser tattoo removal signs of scarring? (Photos)

This tattoo has always blistered at first and I may have scratched off the top skin/scabbing in my sleep :( I know you're not suppose to because it causes scarring. Now I am... READ MORE

Belly button/navel piercing scar revision, worth it? (Photo)

So the doc did some quick marks on my scar and explained briefly what he'd do. Basically he'd cut out the scar within those dots he made and close it up with two stitches. He... READ MORE

Does my belly button look normal? Did doctor take too much off? (Photo)

I went in for revision surgery and I feel so sad worrying that my belly button will never look normal. The old scar will be gone but now I worry i'll just get a new scar, a... READ MORE

Please help with hyperpigmentation scar ALL over belly button caused from a spider bite? (Photos)

Very sad that after my belly button scar surgery that I now have to deal with this. A sac spider bit just the outside of my belly button and it blistered and watered for a week... READ MORE

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Wow they're nearly gone!!! Looking forward to your next update, happy fading :) READ COMMENT

Yeah you're right, I just worry that maybe the hypopigmentation could be permanent. But I know my skin can only get better, so I am still staying positive! It's just such a long and tedious process, but if my tattoo removal is... READ COMMENT

Hi, I have hypopigmentation also but I don't think mine is permanent as of now. I'm still in the process of removing my tattoos. In the case of my skin not returning to normal I've heard good success with microneedling. You can also get... READ COMMENT

If you don't tan you could always start now, just cover your tattoo and put sunscreen on it as it heals. I could have probably fit in another session because I'm still my natural color but I just want my skin to heal. I wait until... READ COMMENT

Hey thanks for your comment! I have actually thought about it a lot but I worry about the scarring it would leave me. But I decided that if my chest tattoo ends up hypopigmentating really bad I will get that one excised since I think it... READ COMMENT