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Vaser Hidef - Katowice Poland -DR Mekle

Vaser Hidef to abdomen Vaser to, chest, flanks and lower back I will update further when surgery is complete but I booked through too medics Poland and their contact and help has been very good so far and I've read good reviews too. As got the surgeon himself, I've read good things about DR... READ MORE

Questions from willbehappy

Am I a Good Candidate, Vaser Hi Def? (photo)

Just wanting some professional advice :) I have seen a surgeon here in UK, who said he coukd perform vaer Mid Def, but I cant afford UK prices at the moment, so potentially... READ MORE

5 days post op of Vaser Hi Def, my scrotum seems to be swelling. Is this normal?

Hi, sorry for the odd question, I had vaser hi def ? I'm on day 5 of recovery now everything seemed to be healing well, went back to work yesterday and felt fine, today though... READ MORE

Does it look like I have gynecomastia? (Photo)

I understand its a difficult question to answer based on photos online, so I'll explain a little I appeared to get larger chest around age of 14 or so, through my early 20's I... READ MORE

Just had Gynecomastia surgery, have a couple of questions. (photos)

Hi, i'd appreciate some profession opinions please Im 2 days post op a gyno surgery, Ive had Lipo done twice to my chest it appeared needed gland removal. I explained this to... READ MORE

Third time having chest treated, vaser x twice and gland removal, why isn't my chest flat? (photos)

Hi So, I had vaser done once including my chest, it looked better but not flat, I went back and had vaser again which again imporved results but still weren't happy, I went... READ MORE

3rd surgery done, still don't like my chest (Photo)

Hi, I've had vaser lipo done twice on my chest and also my last surgery which was November 2015 the surgeon did baser as well as gland removal in my chest, though use existing... READ MORE

6 months post Gynecomastia surgery now - opinions please (photos)

Hi Ive posted here before, 3 months ago, which was 3 months post Gynecomastia surgery. In total now, I had vaser done twice on my chest and the last time, in November 2015 I... READ MORE

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I've finally booked it

Hi allI posted here a while ago, I was looking for advice on Vaser LipoWell, after quite some time of researching, opening and the quick failure of my business , I managed to... READ MORE

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Sorry to read you're not happy! I'll be honest, I'm not sure the "hardness" you menton will ever go away, my abs (I know its abit different) are still hard, post vaser... someone else said the same, I think that's natural.. mine hasn't... READ COMMENT

Looking good mate!, even your incisions are improving quickly by the looks of things, glad thngs are going well! READ COMMENT

My first scars cant be seen at all, though took a while before they disappeared. Hopefully yours will be the same, but they should fade overtime.. I'm sure he had his reasons for doing the way he did, its different to how he did mine READ COMMENT

No worries No, I didn't drop weight at all mate, I don't know how or why it works but I didn't drop weight as a result of surgery itself, on through diet/exercise after. My weight now, is roughly what it was Pre-op, oddly. I... READ COMMENT

Glad he got back in touch in the end, hopefully the aggressive massages help and its just more time that's needed READ COMMENT