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Physically, I'm feeling about 85%. No more surgery/medication "fog" head or as tired so in that respect i feel 100%. Chest soreness is less but still no strength to lift myself (like if I wanted to shift myself higher in bed, I have to... READ COMMENT

I just had my BL/BA on Nov 28. I'm 10 days post op. Feeling & looking better every day. Began the massages to help dropping & softness and it's working well. The first few days are rough. Get through them with lots of rest. Even if you... READ COMMENT

Hi dream girl, I just had a BL (lollipop) & aug last week. I'm 9 days post op. I've been to 3 post op check ups so far. Steri strips came off & I'm ok with the very thin vertical line. Hoping it will stay thin & fade. Do you apply... READ COMMENT