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375cc Silicone HP, 110 Lbs. 5'4 - Saint Louis, MO

Hi ladies. I have bee on here for a while but have been posting in the "Revision" are due to having CC of the right breast. I decided to also include a post over here because I feel my story could also contribute to those considering risks to implants and to show it all part of the process. Breast implants are a life long commitment. So to give a quick rundown of my journey. In 2003, I... READ MORE

Thinking about downsizing...

I had my implants done in 2003 by Dr. Kofkoff. We went with 300cc o/f to 330cc under the muscle with a periareolar incision. 9 years and a second pregnancy later, its time for a revision. I had my original surgery after my first child but in 2007 we decided to have a second child. Several months after giving birth I noticed changes in the symmetry of my breast. I was able to live with the... READ MORE

Questions from stl_0552

Bottoming Out or Capsular Contracture? (photo)

I had my BA done in 2003. Saline 300cc o/f to 330cc placed under the muscle, periareolar incision. I gave birth to my second child in 2007 but did not breastfeed. As you can... READ MORE

Downsizing volume and profile, thoughts?

10 yrs ago I had 300cc o/f to 330cc saline unders. I had developed mild cc in my right breast, had a capsulectomy & salines swapped out for Mentor 375cc silicone HPs. Im 12... READ MORE

Downsizing from 375cc HP silicone to 300cc Mod+ Silicone. Would downsizing make a noticeable difference?

10 yrs ago i had 300cc salines o/f to 330 bringing me upto a 32C. I had a revision surgery a yr ago due to mild cc in my right breast. Also my salines swapped out for silicones... READ MORE

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I am so sorry to hear about ur loss. I know what you mean about how talking about it helps with coping. I lost my father in 2009 and it was completely unexpected. The suddenness made it very hard to except the fact he was gone. It took... READ COMMENT

Hi. I had CC as well and decided to get the capsulectomy and have my old implants replaced with silicone. I am so flag I did. If you have to go thru another surgery, you might as well get everything you want. READ COMMENT

Omg! I know exactly what you're going thru with the size. I would prefer mine to be smaller too. Around the 4 mth mark I started freaking out about how big they felt. I tried to give it time but the size still bothered me. So I decided... READ COMMENT

Thanks. I'm realizing I am just being too knit picky. I do really like them. It's just so easy to obsess over the minuscule things I would change that I forgot to enjoy what I've gained. READ COMMENT

Thanks. I do like them, just still adjusting I guess :) READ COMMENT