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Questions from pipsypie

Scar Revision of 5 Year Old Tummy Tuck Scar Plus Lowering Possible? (photo)

I had a TT 5 years ago now. Could I get my scar lowered and will it look thinner if the surgeon anchors the skin to my body. The surgeon I have seen has said he can do this and... READ MORE

Are These Dog Ears After my 2nd Tummy Tuck Revision? (photo)

Hello Doctors, Looking at my photos can you say if I "still" have dogears? I had FTT w/mr 5+ years ago, I then had dogears removed cut off then I still had a deformed look so I... READ MORE

Will Distance Change Between Belly Button and Scar? (photo)

Hello, I had revision TT surgery by having the scar lowered. I measured previous to surgery that I had a distance of 2.9 inches from bottom of bb to scar and then 4" from scar... READ MORE

When Can I Stop Worrying About my Tummy Tuck Scar Stretching and Widening?

I am 3 weeks post op from a full scar revision. I had skin undermined up to my belly button and had my scar lowered by two inches. I am swollen and very tight. I am so worried... READ MORE

I purchased an ultrasound handheld machine, power of 3mhz. How long should I hold the ultrasound over the scar?

Hi there,I have a 13 month old scar from a revision abdominoplasty. I have purchased an ultrasound handheld machine power of 3mhz.My question is how long should I hold the... READ MORE

Would explant surgery require the same amount of recovery time and discomfort as a breast lift surgery?

I have 12 year old silicone under the muscle implants. I went from a B to a D cup. I want them out. The Surgeon said he suspects one may have ruptured. Should I have a lift... READ MORE

Is it safe to remove silicone implants (sub-muscular) using only a local anaesthetic and sedation?

Will this procedure take long to complete and can scar tissue be removed at the same time. Also will the recovery be quicker as there is no general anaesthetic to recover from.... READ MORE

Discussions started by pipsypie

Tummy Tuck Revision will it be easier than first time?

Hello, I am having the full incision reopened and lowered so I will be pulled tighter however I do not get any muscle repair or any lipo so it hopefully should be easier... READ MORE

Can I use copper peptides and derma roller on my scar?

Hello, I am 3 months post op from a Tummy Tuck scar revision. The first TT I had left me with a horrible red, thick horrible scar so after 5 years I decided to go for scar... READ MORE

Has anyone had a ruptured silicone implant removed under local and sedation?

Hi everyone,I am hoping to remove 12 year old silicone implants they are under the muscle. The surgeon has suggested using IV sedation and local or just local... READ MORE

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You look beautiful you have had an amazing result you must be so happy :) READ COMMENT

Congratulations on your surgery you look great you must be so happy to be on the other side :) Happy Healing READ COMMENT

Wow you have a beautiful result so early you must be thrilled :) Congratulations and love your ink x READ COMMENT

Aw thats lovely congratulations on your engagement :) and you look great thanks for sharing x READ COMMENT