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It appears that in order to make a reasonable improvement, that Cellulaze must often be performed twice. It also sounds like the recovery is no picnic the first time. To have this procedure twice sounds formidable. READ COMMENT

HappyGrrl, you have the right to be optimistic about Cellulaze based on your analysis. On the other hand, I don't think you have the right to tell someone who is not happy with the procedure that they are wrong. First of all, it... READ COMMENT

Again, HappyGrrl sounds less like a future patient and more like someone who has interest in the success of Cellulaze. READ COMMENT

Read Brittany's comments below. If you still believe Cellulaze is right for you then so be it. You are the eternal optimist! READ COMMENT

It just seemed odd that you were so anxious to try and convince Brittany that she she be satisfied,"glad to hear your legs are smooth and sexy" when she is clearly not happy and doesn't think they are smooth or sexy! She even states,... READ COMMENT