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Can I Take Effexor 37.5 Before Breast Reduction Surgery?

I'm having breast reduction surgery in 3 weeks. Can I still take Effexor 37.5? If not, when would I have to stop it? I take it for daily tension headaches and have done so for... READ MORE

Sunburn Effect After Breast Reduction?

Is it normal to have very sensitive skin after a breast reduction surgery? I'm not talking about the shooting pains. The area above and on top of the breasts are super... READ MORE

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I was expecting mine to cost $3500. But the PS cut some of his costs for me. Total out of pocket was...$25. I think I love him. READ COMMENT

Again, what a difference between PSs. I saw mine at 3 wks and he said I could stop sleeping in a bra then. Then I saw him again at 5 wks and he said that I could do anything I like. Wear a bra during the day (I work at home) or not,... READ COMMENT

I'm doing better. Still sore whenever I wear a bra. Actually I had no scabs at all. All the incisions are closed and healing nicely. My only complaint is that the incision sites feel tight and stiff and the side boobs where they did the... READ COMMENT

Thanks. I'm feeling better. I must've hit a plateau and then starting getting better. Still tight and a little sore around the incisions but so much better. I even managed to sleep on my side a little last night. Thanks for posting. READ COMMENT

I don't think I have much to offer. Mine was 11/28 and I'm still very sore and suffering from the over-sensitivity issue which makes it very uncomfortable to have clothes on. Thankfully, I work at home, lol. I had no problems other... READ COMMENT