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Can I Get a Better Result with a Revision?

I am a very thin mother and I have thin skin and visible ribcage. In May I hac BA with Natrelle implants 360MM placed subglandularly. Breast widths 12.5 and 12cm. The implant... READ MORE

Is There an Increased Risk of Infection for Secondary BA Surgery Than Primary to Downsize Implant?

I had implants too large put in 6 months ago. I have visible edges and distortion of the implants as they were too wide for my breast width. Is the replacement with smaller... READ MORE

What is Best Width for a Revision Surgery?

I am a very thin mother with a visible rib cage. I started with a deflated A cup. I used to have full C breasts. I had implants too wide placed 6 months ago. My breast widths... READ MORE

Do I Require Capsulopexy?

I want to downsize anatomical gummy bear implants from 360cc to 335cc (to a decreased diameter of implant from 13cm to 12cm). Would I require a capsulopexy or would the... READ MORE

Is There an Increased Risk of Rotation?

I am having revision surgery to put in narrower subglandular implants because I have palpable edges laterally and a squared cleavage. I am happy with my size. My doctor is... READ MORE

Is a New Pocket Required for Revision?

I have subglandular tear drop natrelle cohesive gel implants 13mm wide. I am having them revised for 12mm wide implants due to a squared cleavage and visible edges. Can the new... READ MORE

Please Help Diagnose This?

I have had this rash at the edge of my nose for 4 weeks. My doctor initially prescribed hydrocortisone followed by fucidin and then the oral antibiotic Keflex with no... READ MORE

What is the Best Implant for my Secondary Surgery?

I had subglandular BA in May 2012 with 360mm textured teardrop natrelle implants (13cm width). I have visible rippling since 4weeks mainly in cleavage area. My surgeon... READ MORE

Is Pocket Widening Leaving Implants in Place a Good Idea?

I had subglandular natrelle 360mm implants put in 9mos ago. Since healing there has been visible edging on both breasts mainly in cleavage area. My doctor tried fat grafting... READ MORE

For a 13 cm Diameter Implant How Large of a Pocket Should Be Made?

I was wondering if there is an ideal pocket size verses implant width rule that surgeons follow. If I have 13cm diameter implants placed then how large of a pocket should be... READ MORE

BA 5/2012 Natrelle Teardrop Subglandular. Second Opinion For Visible Knuckling? (photo)

I had BA in May 2012 with natrelle teardrop implants 360mm subglandularly. Since healing I have palpable folds and edges in both breasts. Right breast is worse and has a... READ MORE

Will I Need Drains?

I am having a secondary breast augmentation surgery to switch my subglandular teardrop cohesive gel implants to submuscular smooth round cohesive gel implants due to rippling... READ MORE

What Should I Do with my Revision?

In May of 2012 I had natrelle 360mm 410 implants placed subglandularly. I ended with visible rippling. I went for a second opinion and I was told that the pockets for my... READ MORE