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Do Corners of Lips Take Longer to Heal Than Middle After Permalip?

I had a permalip implant done 16 days ago(medium size on top& large size on bottom)My top looks ok so far but Bottom Left corner is not following the outline of my lip.It... READ MORE

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Same for me! i couldnt wait another month and after a month i realized i didnt want them redone, i wanted them out. It was the best feeling ever to have implant taken out. I can speak normal again, kiss=) and eat ! all the things i took... READ COMMENT

How do i post picts so you can view? let me try to figure this out READ COMMENT

Im set to remove my lower lip permalip implant next week. Cant wait and i hope it works out well. My top one is not so bad since it was a smaller one, i will give it another month before i decide if i want to keep or remove top one as... READ COMMENT

Thank you!! (i just saw your last post) im still little sore from the surgery but i can not wait to get this out of me. Its been a month and i can tell this looks horrible , doesnt feel good at all. I hear different opinions about how... READ COMMENT

For me as well. Now i cant even get an appmt to remove it, dr says he is booked ! this whole thing is a nighmare and im sorry i did it. Would like to know if anyone here had it removed and if it was painful. Also how long did it take to... READ COMMENT