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If You Are Sick for No Reason It Could Be Your Implants - Melbourne, AU

The best way to start would be to say if you are thinking of getting Implants DON’T DO IT and if you have them and are thinking of explanting DO IT as soon as possible, I had no idea my implants had ruptured at all, but they had. I had implants put in June 2006 and after quiet a bit of pain and struggle just to lie down, I loved them, I could finally wear those dresses that looked r... READ MORE

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I hope Im helping some one out there even if its just 1 person, I have learnt alot from the sickness this year that I most likely wouldnt have otherwise, I have learnt I have a wonderful family and friends that I no longer take for... READ COMMENT

Hi, I am doing very well at the moment, I still have the headache every now and then but compared to waking up everyday with it, it is much better. My lymph nodes still have silicone in them and the surgeon said it may take up to 12... READ COMMENT

Hi 80s girl, If they are ruptured get them out asap, I have been incredibly sick for over a year and nobody could figure out why, checking lumps in my arm pits showed both implants have been ruptured for some time and silicone has... READ COMMENT

I have been very sick for just over 12 months with no reasons for it, I was tired all the time, had vomiting and diorehea, body aches and pains a constant headache that varied on how bad it was on a daily basis, if I had a good day... READ COMMENT

They were removed at the start of the week. I had trouble as the right breast filled up with blood and I had to go back into surgery for a 2nd time to drain it but otherwise all went good. I am glad they are gone and am looking forward... READ COMMENT