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You know what, I wonder though, if it's the SPIRO or the DOXYCYCLINE that's clearing the acne? AND i am using the Retin-A .05 cream. Hmm...I certainly would hope I don't have to continue with this the rest of my life. Sheesh! I'm 36 =(... READ COMMENT

Hi :) Back and VERY happy with the results! I have been taking the Spiro & Doxycycline since roughly this past Thanksgiving and I couldn't ba happier. I'm going to give you the short end of the story. Started out using the 25mg Spiro... READ COMMENT

Had my Doctor appointment today and i'm very excited with the turn out. Ok, my Dr has perscribed me an interesting medical cocktail lol...25mg of the Spiromolactone (once a day) 100mg Doxycycline (twice a day) and Retin-A .05 topical... READ COMMENT

I've made my appointment with my family Dr. for this Thursday. I hope he will take pitty on me :( i can't do this anymore. I've tryed every topical and antibiotic and nothing will help. It has to be hormonal. Has to be. Makes perfect... READ COMMENT

I just read this and it made me cry. This is me, exactly! And you have no idea how happy i am to be reading this. Not because of the acne hell you had to endure, but that there are other like me battling this horrible acne. Acne, cystic... READ COMMENT