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Knocked my Nose 1 Week After Rhinoplasty Op?

It's been 1 week since my op and i still have the splint on. My mum knocked my nose by accident yesterday (from the tip up) it was quite hard. My eyes watered but it didn't... READ MORE

Do You Have Any Advice As to What I Should Do if I'm Not Satisfied with the Outcome of my Nose?

I had a rhinoplasty operation back in November 2012. My surgeon made my nose thinner over the bridge of my nose. He didn't touch the tip but there is an obvious bulge above my... READ MORE

Can scar tissue be removed after Rhinoplasty surgery? (photos)

I had my op in Nov 2012. My surgeon made my nose thinner over the bridge, didn't touch the tip but there is a bulge above my nostrils, he said that this was swelling from the... READ MORE

Is scar tissue permanent 18 months after Rhinoplasty? (photos)

I've just returned from seeing my surgeon (18m post op). I have a mass of scar tissue where my internal stitches were. He's told me every 6m that I've gone to see him that it... READ MORE

Would it cost a lot to get a small ball of bone removed from the side of my nose? (photos)

I've got a small ball of bone on the side of my bridge following rhinoplasty surgery. My surgeon is reluctant to do anything for me, he says my nose is fine but this ball of... READ MORE