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Patinky, you should be fine. When they do the BR/BL they suture the tissue of the top of the breast into the pectorais muscle to hold them up. You should be ok, but if the pain persists call your MD. Those sutures are holding up this... READ COMMENT

Yeah, the swelling is the most annoying part. I am 10 days out. By the evenings I feel like a Tick about to pop. Very sore and tender. It slowly feels better and better. I actually looked at 6 properties yesterday. Going back to... READ COMMENT

Do not go to someone that is "bargaining" for your surgery. I am in healthcare, and to me it reeks of they need the money. My PS was not up for negotiation. If they are good, their fees are their fees. If the insurance is paying it... READ COMMENT

Peeling can be common and is usually from swelling as the tissue becomes stretched the top layers then "die" and then begin to flake. Happens in orthopedic surgery as well when there is swelling.. READ COMMENT

Those sutures are the absorbable ends. They need to be pulled and trimmed so that they fall below the epidermis and re-absorb. Be sure to let your PS know when you go back. I am at my 2 week appointment today, and had to remind my PS... READ COMMENT