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Fraxel Dual to Treat Acne Scars.

I just had my 1st Fraxel:dual done to treat my acne scars, and I would like to share my experience here. BEFORE FRAXEL I did lots of research about Fraxel before I place my deposit. I read many negative feedbacks on realself, saw lots of sales pitch from spa and surgeon's offices and I also did a literature search (on pubmed.org) and read all the scientific papers about fraxel. My... READ MORE

My First Fraxel - Boston, MA

It took me a long time to build up the courage to get Fraxel done. About the procedure itself: well, In my opinion, if you can't tolerate pain, don't do Fraxel. My fraxel treatment hurts like hell. I hated it, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts! I was being a big wuss, but Dr. Ishoo and Neomi were so patience with me. Noemi kept checking on me every time I twitch, and she even held my hands when I... READ MORE

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Also - if you do decide to try Fraxel, make sure you find a doctor you trust. Don't cheap out on inexperience cosmetician. Your face = first thing ppl. see and what ppl. judge you on. READ COMMENT

Hello Sadboy - yes, I'm very happy with my result but my skin is not perfect yet. That's why I'm going for my 2nd Fraxel next week. Fraxel works, but there are tons of negative reviews about this technology. I think these bad reviews... READ COMMENT

Hi Sadboy - don't be sad! :P Anyway, I think before anyone do Fraxel, they need to have a realistic expectation. It's not a miracle and my scars are still here. I do see very slight improvement after 1 Fraxel:Restore treatment, but... READ COMMENT

I'm in Boston and I paid $1000/treatment at a surgeon's office. I know of a MedSpa that offers $500/treatment with a buy 3 get 1 free promotion (for Fraxel restore!) but I didn't go with the Spa bc I trust a surgeon more than a nurse. READ COMMENT

Hi Lily - I posted my reply to your question in another thread. My nurse suggested me to do a 3-4 weeks session, and she said it'll get better result. However, I'm not following her recommended treatment plan bc I have a busy travel... READ COMMENT