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8 Months After Rhinoplasty Still Think of It As WORTH IT.

I have had closed rhinoplasty for a deviated septum and the removal of a hump, 8 months ago.I have had the surgery in Romania.I did it because I couldn't breath on my nose and also for cosmetic purposes. In my opinion it was worth it.Pros: it boosts the self esteem.Cons: the nose has to be treated carefully: no sun exposure, attention to avoid minor accidents such as small hits. Moreover, if... READ MORE

Questions from Gabriela

Which Area of my Cheeks Should Be Filled?

My cheeks look puffy when I smile, but they lack firmness when I don't. It seems like they would need a augmentation but I am not sure about which area. I am considering fat... READ MORE

Sagging After Cheek Augmentation by Fat Grafting?

Cheek augmentation using fat grafting. Long term risk for cheek sagging? Supposing one has fat grafting for cheek augmentation. If and when the fat is absorbed by the body,... READ MORE

Facial Muscle Exercise After Rhinoplasty?

I have had Rhinoplasty eight months ago for deviated septum and removal of a hump. Could facial muscle exercise such as smiling or "lifting" the cheek muscles hurt... READ MORE

How Can Sebaceous Bumps Under Skin Be Removed?

I had nodular acne three years ago. After treatment with Accutane and a follow up treatment with Retin-A, my acne is now under control. However, under my skin there are what I... READ MORE

Middle Vault Collapse After Rhinoplasty

I have had Rhinoplasty eight months ago for deviated septum and removal of a hump. Is a closed Rhinoplasty more prone to middle vault collapse than an open Rhinoplasty? I am... READ MORE

What Happens when One Bumps the Nose After Rhinoplasty?

What happens if you sometimes bump your nose, especially after Rhinoplasty? And why is it that after someone gets hit in the nose, the structure changes, looking more swollen... READ MORE

Can Retin-A Give a Facelift Effect if Used Long Term?

Does Retin-A have a Facelift effect if used long term? Does Retin-A improve skin collagen production? READ MORE

Retin-A Effectiveness Differ by Brands?

Are there any brands of Retin-A better than others with regard to the effectiveness? READ MORE

Will Ice Compromise Periosteal Remodeling of the Nose?

Does ice prevent periosteal remodeling after a bump in the nose? Is applying ice or a cold pack to the nose dangerous in any way to the nasal bone and cartilage? READ MORE

Getting Dental Crowns While on Retainers?

After orthodontic treatment, I am now wearing Essix retainers. I have to get Dental crowns for two of my molars.I am stressed about not being able to wear my retainer, because... READ MORE

Is Lip Augmentation the Procedure to Broaden Lips?

What type of procedure is needed to have more of the "red" portion of the lip be exposed? READ MORE

Exercising After Rhinoplasty?

Can I exercise after rhinoplasty? By this I mean heavy weightlifting, intensive training and protein intake. READ MORE

Bumpy Car Ride After Rhinoplasty?

I live in an area where the road is bad and bumpy. How will a car ride on a bumpy ride affect the nose after Rhinoplasty? Should I apply ice after a ride like that? READ MORE

What Would Happen to Retainers Accidentally Washed in Hot Water?

What is there to be done after accidentally washing the Essix retainer in hot water? Does the plastic distort even in a rather short moment under hot water and should the... READ MORE

Rigid Nasal Endoscopy After a Rhinoplasty

My ENT scheduled me for a rigid nasal endoscopy. How risky is this considering I have undergone rhinoplasty? Will it affect the shape of my nose (the cartilage) or hurt the... READ MORE

Recent comments from Gabriela

Elissee I agree..But I live here..And surgery abroad is too expensive for me. However, this doctor was good. But he's one of the very very few in the country worth going to.. It saddens me that I live in a country where no one with... READ COMMENT