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Yes have the artist first draw it on to show you. Pull the front down a couple of mm the arch up a couple of mm and the tail out the same 2 mm. You can do it a mm at a time to get to where you need to be. READ COMMENT

Dr Linda Dixon in Hawaii created along with pharmacists a line of topicals that take no longer then 12 minutes from application to numb. They are numb quick, numbpot gold (which I CANNOT) live without, comfort cream, Tag and a few... READ COMMENT

You are not a wimp! It hurts if there is not the correct amount of pain control. My rule of thumb on Latisse is discontinue at booking so as soon as possible. I prefer 30 days before and at least, no sooner than 30 days after. I... READ COMMENT

Hey guys, there are awesome topical anesthetics out now and there is no excuse or reason for anyone being in pain getting any permanent makeup these days. I have customers who literally go to sleep while I am working on them. When in... READ COMMENT