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Contact lenses and even more dramatic, the eyeris color change that people are going to Panama to get done. READ COMMENT

It's what makes some people happy. Just like breast augmentation, lip injections, collagen injections, tanning, dyeing the hair, relaxing or straightening your hair, butt augmentation or injections. It's all the same Bc you are changing... READ COMMENT

Oh I forgot! The fair and white soap is good too! Also extreme glow soap. The point is to exfoliate and take the first few layers of skin off and bleach the skin underneath or else it won't work and it'll literally just sit on your skin... READ COMMENT

Hey I am a singer that is pretty well known heres what i did. First off let me start by saying, nothing is permanent but you can buy a chemical peel online for 70% glycolic acid, put it on your face and body, wait a couple days after... READ COMMENT