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Invisalign, Upper lateral incisors Will Become Shorter at the Final Tray in my Clincheck?

HI,i'm an invisalign patient and i noticed that at the final clincheck both of my later upper incisor are becoming shorter comparing to to the frontal incisor and i don't like... READ MORE

How Can I Correct the Short Lateral Incisors? Can They Move Down? (photo)

HI,how can i correct the look of my upper later incisors? they look so short to me comparing to the frontal incisors,and i'm really scared that with refinements i will not... READ MORE

Can Fraxel Cause Volume Loss in Face and Sometimes Ruin Your Skin Permanently?

HI,i had fraxel laser few days ago,and the reaction it's basically normal cause i was red and now it's little less! i'm just very scared cause i was touched reading some of the... READ MORE

Do You Need to Wear Eye Protection for Fraxel?

HI,i had my first fraxel and the doctor he didn't use eye protection around my eyes,cause he said that i didn't need protection for my fraxel: he used the laser around my eye... READ MORE

I Have a Tiny Little Mark on My Cheeks After Fraxel?

I had my first fraxel 10 days ago and all the redness are nearly gone and i'm very happy with the new texture,my skin it's very smooth,but i noticed a tiny little mark on my... READ MORE

Which is the BEST New LASER to Remove BROKEN CAPILLARIES and ROSACEA on the Cheeks/nose? Can I Do CUTERA EXCEL V?

Hi could you please advice me a new laser treatment to remove my red broken capillaries around my nose and my rosacea on my cheeks permanently ? i've been told that new EXCEL V... READ MORE

Can I Use 0.1% Pure Retinol ,and a Vitamin C Serum After Month of Fraxel Laser?

HI i had my first fraxel laser a month ago,my skin is nearly back to normal,with a little redness on my cheeks and i just wanna ask you if i can use 0.1% of retinol and a... READ MORE