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5 MO PO and confused on my results. :( - Minneapolis, MN

In less than two days I'll be having my tummy tuck with lipo to flanks and thigh area. So nervous now that it's getting so close. I know I'm in good hands with Dr. G and looking forward to joining the flat side. I'm 5"2, 127 lbs. After having two kids, one by csection, I'm excited to get rid of my stretch marks (some anyway) and have a flat tummy. My fat tends to stay in my mid section and I'm... READ MORE

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Feeling Like I'm Taking 2 Steps Back Rather Than Forward. More So I Am Seeing Any Benefit from Lipo? (photo)

6 Weeks PO on 12/31 and I'm 5"2. Was 125 PO and jumping between 121-125 in last few weeks. Feel like I still have a lot of fat in flanks and thighs where I had my lipo done. I... READ MORE

I'm Not Happy Wth my TT/MR/lipo Results. What Are Realistic Expecation at This Point? Im Not Happy! (photo)

I'm 5 months PO and went to see my PS as I'm concerned about my results..still able to grab fat and still have love handles. My doctor informed me he should have gone back... READ MORE

Glycolic Acid Peel Gone Wrong? My Face is Absolutely Horrible. Help? (Photo)

I had a 40% Glycolic Acid Peel done last night (2 days prior she did dermaplaning). The chemical peel was left on for 3-4 minutes and burned so bad. She did a neutralizer and... READ MORE

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You look amazing!! Man is your body rockin!! So...what kind of workout plan on you on cause I need on something other than basic cardio! Again- you look fabulous!!! READ COMMENT really look great! What/where are you having the revision done? I'm working with my PS to get a revision...not happy right now about any of this. Wondering what your getting done...and if I read it correctly, he isn't charging... READ COMMENT

Wow...that is awesome! And I'm soo jealous I could cry!!! So what is your PS doing for your revision exactly? I would love to see pics of you today and again after your revision!! We must stay in touch :) READ COMMENT

Thanks! I posted a Q&A with pics to see what kind of feedback I can get on this site from other PS doctors. I first need to understand are you expecations legit or what should I be seeing so hoping other doctors can give some feedback... READ COMMENT

I know...I'm upset too! I'm actually trying to prepare myself and think of what I'm going to say to my PS. I just can't beleive he would expect me to pay out an additioanl $4500. What happened to making your patients happy? They should... READ COMMENT