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I do have my pre-op and post-op photos from my PS. Honestly, I don't notice much, if any, difference. The only way I know which is which is because of the necklace I was wearing on one of the days. My breasts are definitely lighter... READ COMMENT

Finally broke down and called the PS's office to ask what my options are. Here I am, well over 7 months out from surgery and months past the point where I had any swelling and I still wearing my old bras and filling them out just like... READ COMMENT

Nothing like leaving the PS's office on the verge of tears, again. I am really disappointed with my size and I have voiced this at each visit. I was a 34DDD and I am now measuring as a 34DD. My PS is sorry that I am not happy with... READ COMMENT

I do have relief in my shoulders, back, and neck and my headaches have definitely lessened, so that's good. I'm also definitely noticing a difference in them weight-wise. I just feel like I am mourning the loss of what I expected. I... READ COMMENT

I am still fitting into my old bras so I don't have much hope for going down any further in size. :( That doesn't mean anything for your experience though. At only a week out you are definitely still swollen so relax, I'm sure you'll... READ COMMENT