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Does Palomar Laser Work Well on Acne Scars?

Palomar lux 1540 non-ablative laser treatment has a 24-48 hrs downtime. Do you think it is a good choice for treating acne scars  such as ice pick and boxcar scars? Does... READ MORE

Contractubex Gel with Laser Treatments for Acne Scars?

I am considering laser treatment (Fractional non-ablative Lux1540 laser ), but I am using Contractubex gel on some scars. Is it important to stop using Contractubex? READ MORE

How Can I Be Sure of a Cosmetic Clinic's Honesty?

I am really shocked by the number of fake information and advertising provided by some medical cosmetic clinics, where their before and after pictures are not of the same... READ MORE

Non-ablative Laser with Ablative Laser for Acne Scars?

Can both non-ablative and ablative lasers be combined to treat acne scars (icepick and boxcar)? For example, 5 treatments of Palomar Starlux 1540, then one treatment of Pearl... READ MORE

Conditions for Punch-excision and Elevation Scars Surgery?

Are there required conditions in order to treat ice pick and boxcar scars with the punch-excision and elevation methods? Such as the depth of scars, the edge, the color, the... READ MORE

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No results ? READ COMMENT

You are talking about the starlux from Palomar company, this is not profractional ! READ COMMENT

You had a CO2 laser treatment the ablative traditional, so normally it requires general anesthesia and the downtime is about one month, but you did not mention that ! you mentionned the procedures required to do a co2 or erbium... READ COMMENT

How did you get a CO2 laser treatment 8 years ago ? this means it was in the year 2000 ! There were no Fraxel or fractional CO2 lasers, there were traditional CO2 lasers requiring more than one month of downtime and general anesthesia... READ COMMENT