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4 weeks post- horrible painful rash breakout!!!!

Hi everyone. I'm writing to help all as you all helped me PLUS gain advise and sisterhood. I'm 5 feet talk and 125 pounds. After 3 kids, wanted to get rid of old saggy implants. Before implants, I was a full A cup. Breastfed baby #1 and ended up with deflated balloons. Got BA in 2004 to a 34c.... Fast forward.... Two more kids and ended up with saggy DD and a saggy implant. Because I am so... READ MORE

37 days post op pics

Hi ladies! I just started my research. Im done having kids And after 3, my butt is deflated! know I want the procedure but need PS recommendations. I see Salama and a few others are popular but I want to stay local in CA. Help! Can I get a breast lift at the same time? How long do results last?? Thanks ladies! Ok gals, so i took my before pics today! What do u guys think? I want to... READ MORE

Questions from Newmeeeeee

Am I a Good BBL Candidate? Do I Have Enough Fat? Can I Get Breast Lift at Same Time? (photo)

I'm hoping a doctor or few can reply 1) Do i have enough fat for bbl? 2) can i get a breast lift at same time? 3) I'm not looking for a huge kim kardashian booty. Just a lifted... READ MORE

I'm Ready to Do It! Drs in NorCal, Calling You?

I'm ready to do it and hoping before Feb 2013. I've decided I want to stay in NorCal IF I can find an expert in BBL. I hope I have enough fat. I do want a nice projection and... READ MORE

Mommy makeover (LA). How low can my tt scar be and can these bumps on areola be removed with ba/bl?

Hi doctors. I'm terrified of the scars but ready. I'm willing to travel from SF to LA to find best doc who's confident in minimal scarring. Goal surgery jan 2014.had a saline... READ MORE

Breast lift and tt scarring? Bbl same time. Removal of breast bumps? Los Angeles Ca area.

Need bl and smaller, full b. What type of scar needed? Can these bumps on areola b removed?Looks like 5 nipples. how low for tummy tuck scar? Below my existing from a past... READ MORE

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He did a great job on your flanks!! And your waist will continue to get smaller as swelling subsides. How many ccs did you get? READ COMMENT

Are you getting lymphatic massages? I had lipo on tummy, arms, bra roll, flanks, inner and outer thighs. I know, a lot but I had bbl and needed all the fat I could get! Anyway, I was lumpy bumpy. My ps said I didn't need the massages.... READ COMMENT

Posted frontal pics and I'll private message you doctor for my own privacy on here :) READ COMMENT

Thanks for the info!!! READ COMMENT

Yes, I have a lot of cellulite I didn't have prior to the procedure so as soon as I am 100% healed, I need to work out with weights! READ COMMENT