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Juvederm in my Nose Nightmare Won't Go Away?

I've had juvederm injected into my nose tip . Dr told me it would make my nose appear more narrow . My nose was bulbous to begin with . It's now bigger its a total nightmare I... READ MORE

Juvederm Looks Whitish?

I had juvederm injected in my nose . When I crinkle up my nose I see two whitish blobs in two spots of my nose under the skin . Can this be the juvederm ? I've had... READ MORE

Juvederm in Nose Nightmare?

It's been 2 1/2 months since this horrible juvederm injections in my nose . Which resulted in a wider nose . I have bad allergies and I blow my nose Alot . When I got the... READ MORE

Can a Dr Not Know How to Properly Inject Hylauronidase?

It's been 5 months now since juv injections and I still have these juvederm jowls . My dr had injected them last week w hylauronidase . I think he does not know how to inject... READ MORE

Why Does my Nose Feel Hard After Juvederm Injections in It?

My nose used to b soft when I pinched it prior to the juvederm injections. Now it feels firm to the touch. Can this b the juvederm in it ?its been 5 months since injections . READ MORE

Why Won't This Juvederm Leave my Nose It's Been 8 Long Months Now?

It's been 8 months I am so unhappy still waiting on this juv to go . My nose looks terrible will it ever return to its original state I'm starting to get very discouraged . My... READ MORE

Juvederm Nose Job Disaster How Long to Dissappear?

Its been a year now and my nose still is not back to Normal . Dr shot juvederm Into tip . It still looks awful . Now the dr is saying that the juvederm probly shifted the... READ MORE

I had a 2nd upper eyelid skin removal on left eye & right eye. Should I be concern about stitches placed very low? (photo)

I had a second upper eyelid skin removal on left eye and part of right eye . My concern is the stitches were placed very low and don't appear to b in my crease . The left and... READ MORE

Can anyone recommend a rhinoplasty/deviated septum specialist in Connecticut? Are these procedures usually done together?

Just wanting to know if anyone can reccommend a rhinoplasty specialist in my area . One that specializes in deviated septum as well as rhinoplasty . I reside in ct . I have... READ MORE

What can I do to fix my sunken cheeks from TMJ and weight loss?

What can I do to fix my sunken cheeks . One is concave on my left side from my tmj . I've had i syringe of voluma on my cheek bones but this does not address the hollowness of... READ MORE

Upper eyelid muscle question; what can I do about my lazy eyes?

Sinc I had upper bleph my eyelids feel like they're overworking to close. The muscles feel strained . I was born with a lazy eye always look like my eyelids are sleepy . Idk if... READ MORE

What filler would you recommend for volume loss?

My face has sunken from tmj issues I've used jive deem before but never anything else . Are these other fillers safe such as sculptura radiesse or artefill ? I'm very depressed... READ MORE

Sculptura - is it safe?

Is sculptura safe for volume loss in cheeks and temples ? Do any celebs use it or do they stick to per lane ? I have heard ppl go blind and have complications . What's the best... READ MORE

I had 2 upper blephs & my eyelids they are asymmetrical & stitching marks are wrinkly what can I do? (Photos)

Uneven eyelids , more skin on left eye , creases look wrinkly . Born with lazy eye can this affect surgery ? Also lashes turn down without being curled . They r curled in pic .... READ MORE

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I had regular juv in my nose and hate it and it's a year now and the junk still won't go away I am so depressed . I feel like it never going to leave . I understand your pain . I am sorry for u READ COMMENT

So sorry to hear :( I also got bad juv in my nose . Dr told me it would make my tip appear smaller and instead made me look like a clown . He tried to dissolve it but that didn't work. It will b a year in aug now and it's still there .... READ COMMENT

Did ur nose ever go back ? SAME thing happened to me dr gave me the same crappy answer about shifting cartalidge. I am worried he ruined my nose forever . Will it ever go away ? READ COMMENT

Thank u Jackie . I will b sure to drink plenty of water n limit salts . But my problem w the juv was injected in the nose tip and mouth area . The under eyes have me no prob BC he only put a tiny bit in them . He made my nose look... READ COMMENT

Yup I think u r making the right decision. I am stuck waiting it out now too . Keep me updated on the progress . It's a long slow road but time heals all . I'm sorry about your son . READ COMMENT