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When does a surgeons age become an unacceptable part of the risk surgery?

I would like to ask the 'panel of experts' if there is an age beyond which the surgeon’s age becomes an unacceptable part of the risk of surgery? The surgeon I am considering f... READ MORE

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Why given a second chance I wouldn't have plastic surgery again

Following a poor outcome from a midface lift and eyelid surgery I had  6.5 months ago, I wondered how many others (like me) who have had a less than desirable result... READ MORE

Tear trough correction

Has anyone had surgery to correct a tear trough deformity? Would appreciate hearing from anyone who has had a successful procedure and can share their experience of how it was... READ MORE

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Meant to say ... just don't know how they will feel after a year or so! READ COMMENT

What are you talking about? You were gorgeous before! Great result. I'm looking forward to reading your post after all the healing is done as I have a negative vector and might benefit from cheek implants. Just know how they will feel... READ COMMENT

Thanks for sharing your experience. Great result. However, I do feel your surgeon could taken the scar being the ear higher up towards the top of the ear before cutting across to the hairline where the scar would have been less visible... READ COMMENT

You looked amazing in your 6 day post op pic and I must say you look great. I think had he taken the scar behind the ear a little higher up so it was less visible, the result would have been perfect? How did you deal with the slight... READ COMMENT

It is absolutely shocking what you've been through Petaross. Guest's dismissive behaviour and lack of accountability is appalling. He was grossly negligent before, during and after your surgery ... what an arrogant SOB. His licence... READ COMMENT