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When does a surgeons age become an unacceptable part of the risk surgery?

I would like to ask the 'panel of experts' if there is an age beyond which the surgeon’s age becomes an unacceptable part of the risk of surgery? The surgeon I am considering f... READ MORE

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Why given a second chance I wouldn't have plastic surgery again

Following a poor outcome from a midface lift and eyelid surgery I had  6.5 months ago, I wondered how many others (like me) who have had a less than desirable result... READ MORE

Tear trough correction

Has anyone had surgery to correct a tear trough deformity? Would appreciate hearing from anyone who has had a successful procedure and can share their experience of how it was... READ MORE

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Thomas, do you mind me asking if your procedure was carried out by an Occuloplastic surgeon/Ophthamoligist, or a general Plastic surgeon who undertakes all procedures? I think patients sometimes make the mistake of choosing the WRONG... READ COMMENT

Thank you Thomas. I'm sorry too that you had a poor outcome. I genuinely believe that in the "right hands" success is possible. Finding the "right" surgeon however is not easy. There are far too many mediocre self serving so called... READ COMMENT

Looking good! Seems the grass is always green on the other side. The English are flying to Turkey for surgery and the Turkish are flying to the UK for theirs! Lol! READ COMMENT

Original nose looked fine (to me). Slight improvement in the new nose. Perhaps you still have some residual swelling? Nose may not have "settled" yet. Give it another 6 months. You may be surprised at what a difference time can make. READ COMMENT

Looks to me like you're surgeon was being honest, whatever the reason. Whether it was because he felt you didn't need the procedure or it was not in his realm of expertise to give you the result you wanted. If more doctors responded to... READ COMMENT