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Will I Develop Hyperpigmentation Once I Treat My Pimple?

I have a pimple which by now is 3 days old. After I detected a pimple developing on my skin 3 days ago, I immediately treated it with benzoyl peroxide (without my skin getting... READ MORE

Is Acne Hyperpigmentation On The Face The Same As The Brown Patches After Cuts Healed on Hands and Feet?

I am really bothered with my hyperpigmentation caused by acne. I am really wondering whether the Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) fades the same way as how the brown... READ MORE

Am I Allergic To Benzoyl Peroxide?

Previously, I only applied Benzoyl peroxide 2.5 pimples on my forehead. But last week i decided to apply benzoyl peroxde to my cheeks where there are lots of whiteheads and... READ MORE

How To Unclog Pores?

I have a lot of clogged pores on my cheeks. They are small and would only be visible if you look closely and thoroughly in the mirror. Still, they are very annoying. When I... READ MORE

Will Laser Treatments Minimize my Large Pores?

I have large pores on my nose area (especially in the center not so much at the side) and it is very ugly.. It looks like a strawberry. So, when I google the problem, one of... READ MORE

Undesirable Effects of Fraxel Repair?

I have mild shallow acne scarrings on my temple that I would want to treat with fraxel repair but I am worried about the effects of such laser treatment. Is hyperpigmentation... READ MORE

Can Red Acne Scars Be Treated With Fraxel?

I had acne scars on my temple area. They are not deep, quite shallow. But however, what makes it more prominent is the fact that they are red at the bottom of the scars. I... READ MORE

Fraxel Restore Treatment for Pimples?

If I have a pimple, one pimple, not big and not painful at all, that unfortunately appears on the day of a fraxel restore treatment, will I be able to do the fraxel treatment? READ MORE

Fraxel Restore With Chicken Pox?

Several days ago I was supposed to get my first fraxel restor treatment on my face. Unfortunately, I am infected with chicken pox and chicken pox rash started appearing on my... READ MORE

Fraxel Re:store On Acne Scars? How Much Improvement Will You See?

What can I expect from Fraxel restore on Acne Scars? How many percentage improvement can I see after a series of treatment? Is it true that after every treatment about 10 to 20... READ MORE

Is It Normal Not To Experience Fraxel Side Effects?

I had my first fraxel Re:store yesterday. Everything went well. Howevr, today, my face looks like it healed! I dont see any expcteed side effect (eg. redness) as what was... READ MORE

Fraxel for Acne Scars?

Is it better to get acne scars treated with fraxel as soon as they form or wait for 1 year? Will this affect result? READ MORE

Fraxel on Scars?

Should acne scars be treated as soon as they are formed or must they be given a period before getting treated? Will this affect result? I've read various fraxel clinical... READ MORE

Fraxel Acne Scars Results?

I have seen mild improvement in the acne scars from before my 3rd treatment and after 5 days of the treatment. I understand that acne scars will continue to improve even for... READ MORE

Does Vbeam Stimulate Collagen?

I did some research and found several claims that says Vbeam stimulate collagen even though it is in little amount. Is this true? READ MORE

Fraxel On Acne Scars?

Tomorrow will be the third week after my last fraxel restore. I have seen wonderful improvement on my acne scars. Will I continue to see improvement? Will the improvement in... READ MORE

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When Do People Usually Start Noticing Their Fraxel Re:Store Result?

When do people usually start noticing their fraxel Re:store result and that improvement becomes visible and noticeable? READ MORE