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Will a Nose Job or Chin Augmentation Make a Big Difference to my Appearance? (photo)

I have been considering a nose job for a while and I was wondering if it would make a big improvement to my appearance or if I'm only likely to achieve a subtle improvement... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty and Chin Augmentation?

Hi, I recently posted a question regarding what facial surgeries I should have. I have used the feedback I received from the doctors to edit my facial profile. Are the changes... READ MORE

Weak Jawline? (photo)

I think I have a weak jawline and chin. I find that I have excess fat under my chin and my face looks narrow and undefined from the front. Would you agree that this is the case... READ MORE

What Do You Think of my Rhinoplasty Results? (photo)

I had a rhinoplasty 3 months ago. What your honest opinion is of my results? I have attached 3 before and after photos. Sorry if the after pictures aren't very clear. Also, I... READ MORE

What do you think of my breast augmentation results? (photo)

Hi, 1 week ago I had a breast aug with 350 cc anatomical implants. I had constricted breasts and went from an A to C cup. I know there is swelling and they still need to... READ MORE

What is the best way to improve my jaw line and chin? (photos)

I feel that my jaw line is too steep and i have a slightly recessed chin. I have considered a chin implant but this wouldn't correct my vertically long chin. What options are... READ MORE

What are your thoughts and opinions on my breast revision one week post op? (Photo)

One week ago I had my 2nd breast revision (3rd surgery). I started with a small A-cup and had tuberous breasts. For my first 2 augmentations I had anatomical 320cc high profile... READ MORE