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Brow Lift for Mid-twenties Asian Female? (photo)

I want double eyelid surgery too. I used to use eyelid tape and it stretched my eyelid skin. I have low brows, a line btwn my eyes on my nasal bridge and thick eyelid skin 1)... READ MORE

Wrinkle Between the Eyes in Young Adult?

How do you get rid of a mild to moderate wrinkle between the eyes on the nasal bridge? I am an Asian mid-twenties female. What are my surgical and non-surgical options and... READ MORE

Sub-brow Lifts Do They Work?

Dear Doctors: Is a sub-brow lift appropriate for someone who has minimal to moderate drooping of the brows? It is where you cut directly below the brow or directly above it. 1)... READ MORE

Should I Stop Omega 3 Fish Oil and Balanced B Complex Before Double Eyelid Surgery?

1) Should I stop omega 3 fish oil and balanced B complex before double eyelid surgery and/or brow lift? If so, how many days or weeks before the surgery? If that's not a... READ MORE

Contraindictions to Getting Eyelid Surgery or Brow Lift After Wisdom Tooth Removal?

Are there any contraindictions to getting plastic surgery for example double eyelid surgery and brow lifts? If one gets a wisdom tooth removed using local anesthesia and... READ MORE

Mild nasal fracture? Will this bump become permanent or is it just the swelling? Should I consult somebody? (Photo)

A couple days ago, I accidentally hit my nose with my iPad. The pain is gone, but there is a red bump on my nose bridge (see pictures below). Will this bump become permanent,... READ MORE