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Endoscopic Brow Lift, the Limited Access Technique

Hey guys, There is a quote says "You get what you pay for", and this is absolutely right. I live in Bahrain and recently I traveled to India to visit friends, I was interested to undergo an endoscopic brow-lift. My friends told me about a doctor, and he is good. Subsequently, I went to have a consultation with him. He told me that I will end up with a very tiny pair incisions in the... READ MORE

I Want to Remove Excess Fat Transferred into my Forehead.

I had a fat transferred into my forehead, and now am seeking a treatment to remove the excess amount of fat having tried two traditional liposuction procedures but without any result.I have a depression in my forehead following an accident. My doctor did a good job by filling the area with fat, however there is some excess which I want to get rid of it. I tried traditional liposuction twice... READ MORE

Questions from James2

Could Transferred Fat into the Forehead Be Removed by Smart Lipo?

Am planing to undergo Smart Lipo to remove excess fat transferred into my forehead to fill a depression I got after an accident. I underwent two traditional liposuction but... READ MORE

How to Remove Fat Transfered in the Forehead

Greetings everybody. Please, I want to know how to remove the fat has been transfered into my forehead (because I had an accident). I tried traditional liposuction twice but... READ MORE

Is Ultrasonic Liposuction Safe for Excess Fat in Head?

I have an excess fat in the left side area of my head because I have a fracture. I went to a doctor and he advised me to proceed with the Ultrasonic Liposuction. I'm really... READ MORE

What's the Solution for the Scars Tissue Under the Skin?

Greetings everybody. What's the best treatment for the scar tissue under the skin? I have a scar tissue occured after a surgery. Thanks a lot. READ MORE

Can Excess Implanted Fat Be Reduced Through an Injection?

Is there any type of injections that can slightly reduce an excessive implanted fat in the forehead which stands as a cover to depression? Regards. READ MORE

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Anybody sees this comment please discard it, as this statement I made it just one month post my operation. The doctor was extremely helpful, great , honest and reliable. READ COMMENT

I invested around US30,000 dollars with Dr. Ashish as I proceeded with other plastic surgeries and the experience with him worth every penny I paid in his clinic. READ COMMENT

I hope you are getting better now, Don't worry and don't be hard on your self, give it time. Fat gradually will shrink down, and hopefully you will get the result you paid your money for. I underwent a fat removal last month, and am... READ COMMENT

Please Why you didn't come to ask me prior going under the knife. Since 2003 and am trying to get rid of this misery, and all my efforts to this date went in vain. The problem that your fat is in the cheek, which will result in a scar... READ COMMENT