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I'm female! :) And I honestly wasn't thinning or losing that much hair, but I have thin fine asian hair from stress/pulling out/bleaching/dying my hair consecutively/taking my hair for granted/anxiety etc, but I'm only 19 haha, I was... READ COMMENT

Heykids, I was wondering, how long were you on the minoxidil, and have your recovered most the hair you lost from using it? Thanks! READ COMMENT

Oh my god FINALLY, thank you so much for the information Julia, I've been looking left and right for someone with experience like you, I'm lucky I used the weaker version and for only 1 month, but god I did notice that the skin on my... READ COMMENT

Hi Julia! I've just recently used the 2% rogaine for about around a month or a little more, I was aware of the side effects I saw on the packaging but then I started getting like snow ball sized dandruff o___o... and I thought that... READ COMMENT