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Just know that the pain meds are there for a reason. Stay in top of the pain by taking your meds when you're supposed to and you should have an easy recovery. Good luck! I'm sure you'll love the results!! READ COMMENT

Lately my incision site is really bothering me. I've been wearing the silicone sheeting 12 hours a day per my doctor's instructions. I also massage the site with Vitamin E oil and put Mederma. Anyone have any other suggestions or... READ COMMENT

Well it's all you must do but keep in mind, leaning over to shave again afterwards will be a bit of a challenge. Even tying your shoes or putting on socks isn't easy. So if you can or are willing to get waxed it might be a good idea... READ COMMENT

Thanks. I jumped in the shower and had my hubby pull them off while my eyes were closed - too chicken to do it myself. I guess I needed to hear it from someone else but I know I had to do it! READ COMMENT

Just sat through my first movie, "Lincoln". It was 2 1/2 hours plus 1/2 hour of previews. Thank goodness it was a good movie or I would have dragged my husband out of there. I couldn't feel my butt at the end of the movie! READ COMMENT