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Follow up: They offered to do my surgery again at no cost but instead I opted for their second offer to refund my money. READ COMMENT

Hi! I thought I was the only one with tragus issues. Mine is completely gone now! I thought it would show when the swelling went down but it hasn't. It looks awful (and very strange) without one. I now find myself looking at... READ COMMENT

That is who I had! Did you read about my experience above I wrote on 25 Feb? READ COMMENT

I had a neck lift/SMAS plication 4 months ago at the Wellness Kliniek in Belgium and the left side of my face was left paralyzed. They went back in the next day to see if he severed it they said it was not severed. The PS put me on... READ COMMENT

I had the same feeling of fluid in my ears, esp the right one. I went to 2 different doctors to look in my ears because I was sure I had an infection or something. They both assured me that I did not have an infection but that they... READ COMMENT