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Rhinoplasty To Repair A Deviated Septum & Enlarged Turbinates - Left Side Is Still Congested.

Hello i had enlarged turbinates & deviated septum i had a rhinoplasty to fix them but i still feel that my left side of my nose is still congested and i felt postnasal drip so... READ MORE

Imbalance Symptoms?

Hello i have the following symptoms:- imbalance feeling, eyes ache, nausea, shaking body, postnasal drip,severe headache, noise sensitivness,awkward feeling all over my body... READ MORE

Deviated Septum & Enlarged Turbinates - 31 days post op my breathing is better but i still feel dizzy sometimes.

Hello doctors i had a revision surgery to correct the position of my septum it has been 31 days now since my surgery my breathing is better but i still feel dizzy sometimes its... READ MORE

Very Weird Feeling After (Septoplasty)?

Hello doctors please i need help i need to know whats wrong with me everytime i tell my parents about this weird feeling they tell me that am delusional,,,before a month i had... READ MORE

Weird Feeling After Septoplasty?

Hello doctors am having a weird feeling when i move my eyes to right after i had a revision septoplasty to correct my deviated septum.i went to my ENT doctor he said i have an... READ MORE

Surgery For Sinus, Deviated Septum and Enlarged Turbinates, Have Weird Feeling When I Move My Eyes?

Hello i had a surgery for my sinuses , deviated septum & enlarged turbinates since then i started having a weird feeling whenever i move my eyes! i went to my ENT doctor he... READ MORE

Failed Septoplasty?

I had 2 surgerys for my enlarged turbinates & deviated septum, the first 1 failed because the deviation to the left wasn't corrected so i had to do the second before 4... READ MORE

Breathing Worsened After Two Septoplasties?

I had 2 septoplasties & after the second my breathing worsen alot, could It be because i only waited 4 months between them? known that i can barely now breathe, i suffocate... READ MORE

I had a turbinate reduction, then after 3 months a septoplasty, and now 6 months post-op I feel worse. Nasal Valve Collapse?

I had 2 surgeries , A turbinate reduction,then after 3 months a septoplasty , am now 6 months post-op I feel worse than ever I can barely take a breath now , especially when am... READ MORE

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Am sad how things got for... fathi ia am from Palestine too , i also had a surgery for my nose to make my breathing better but because our unqualified and irresponsible medical care here imagine that a doctor not mine took me from my... READ COMMENT