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I don't smoke or drink, and still have slight numb spots in front of my ears by my jaw. I only know it when I am feeling for it with my fingers just now. I don't notice it usually. The FL surgery made me look 10 years younger, and I... READ COMMENT

You look great! Dr. Lev did my surgery 1.5 years ago and I have been happy looking in the mirror ever since. I choose not to post pics, however. Dr. Lev is the best. READ COMMENT

I am still happy with my FL from Dr. Lev 1.5 yrs later. I agree, he is the best! My husband and I stayed in an apartment like hotel with a kitchen, and he says it was one of the most interesting vacations he has had. I choose not to... READ COMMENT

I hadn't planned on a direct brow lift, but Dr. Lev showed me post-op photos of a woman after 1 year, and thought I could live with the thin scars. Besides, my husband had some skin cancer surgery 2 years ago on his fair-skinned... READ COMMENT

Check out the website that Didi, one of Dr. Lev's schedulers, has: http://www.eternallyvain.com. It has a lot of good info there, including prices. Dr Lev's fees include the clinic stay and anesthesiologist. A nurse stayed in the same... READ COMMENT