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Large Side Tattoo Removal

Hello! I am currently removing a large side piece on my back/side that says "Follow Your Heart." I mean at times I feel like I hate it but right now I don't feel to bad about it since I can see that it is fading. I am fairly fair skinned (around a 2) and my tattoo contains black and same white ink in the letters. I must say it hurts pretty bad but its soooo fast! The worst part is the itch... READ MORE

Questions from Minniechel

Am I likely to have keloid scarring after laser treatment? And how can you avoid this?

I've seen pictures of people's laser treatments turning into keloids. I have never had one and I don't scar that easily. Just wondering if this is something I should be... READ MORE

Are there any anesthesia I can take prior to my tattoo removal?

I have my first session coming up and I am very scared about the pain. I have EMLA cream right now and plan to take Tylenol. I was wondering if there is anything else I can... READ MORE

Is it normal for your tattoo to still be raised two weeks after the first session?

2 weeks ago I had my first laser tattoo removal session on my side of a script tattoo. Some of the lines are almost completely gone but the dark ink within the letters is... READ MORE

If I have an allergy what can you do before and after your laser tattoo removal surgery to help with this?

My tattoo raised and was extremely itchy. I am assuming I do have a slight allergy to the ink, but I've been applying polysporine constantly. The itching is completely gone and... READ MORE

Had my second tattoo removal session yesterday. Is it normal to be itchy and have a rash over the entire tattoo area?

The first time I didn't have problems with itching until 2nd week and then it went away. This time I had my session then about 6 hours later I applied polysporine and my tattoo... READ MORE

Recent comments from Minniechel

I plan on continuing my sessions through the summer. I think as long as you are able to keep it covered you should be okay! The only thing that might be concerning it because of the heat.. could irritate the skin. I am not nearly as far... READ COMMENT

Yeah that is true, I feel you I was very concerned about getting a keloid but so far so good! I mean even with hyper pigmentation it will fade over time! Just try to stay positive :) :) READ COMMENT

Yeah you can already tell and honestly with shading it goes the fastest! Patience patience patience.. that's what we have to remember! I am on my second and it has been worth it too me as well!! I am looking forward to seeing yours... READ COMMENT

Yeah mine has stayed red for a few days and stayed raised for about three weeks. I know this process just sucks hey :( Exactly!!! READ COMMENT

Thats good then! Really?! Yay!! I think yours will go away fairly quickly since it looks like a lot of shading! Mine stayed red for almost 3 weeks and was tender for about a week and I did bruise as well. Its always nice when its... READ COMMENT