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I too had flawless skin except for a slight case of malasma on my checks, now my face and my life is ruined. This procedure is ruining to many peoples faces and lives, and no one seems to care, doctors, dermatologist, lawyers, the FDA,... READ COMMENT

Yes I did, then I got the lines and wrinkles, creepy texture in my skin, and pin holes and large pores, now sagging skin and loss of volume, and have extremely dry skin. Hope none of this happens to you. Good luck. READ COMMENT

My advice is don't do lasers, because I believe it only ages you, because that's what it did to me. I had beautiful skin with a slight case of malasma on my checks, and now nothing about my face looks good and 11 months later it's jusst... READ COMMENT

I am sorry you are going through this. I am too. I ask my question that everyday why couldn't I be happy with what I looked like before, because now 11 months later I hate looking in the mirror. My face is ruined along with my life. READ COMMENT

I would like also to be in a class action law suit. Please contact me at JulieHermann01@live.com Thank you READ COMMENT