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Lip lift in Boston

So I'm scheduled for a lip lift on Thursday with Dr. Speigel. I have been mulling this over for quite awhile and reading everyone's reviews. I have always felt like the space between my nose and mouth could be shorter. I am happy with the natural volume of my lips however. At the consultation with Dr. Speigel he told me he planned to take 2mm off the middle and 4mm off the sides. This seems... READ MORE

Finally Fixed my Nose! - Boston, MA

I am 33 years old and have hated my nose since I was old enough to be conscious of it which was around 12 or 13. It was very long, bumpy, and crooked. It made me very uncomfortable to be seen or photographed at certain angles. I always wanted to get it fixed but plastic surgery just seemed like such a huge expensive production. I have kids so this made it even harder to imagine doing,... READ MORE

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Based on what I've seen from your PS you will NOT look like the joker, haha. Can't wait to see!!! READ COMMENT

Hi beautiful lady! Looking great as always. I'm also thinking I could benefit from some filler there, as my sagging mouth corners are getting worse. What filler are you going to get? READ COMMENT

I LOVE donuts too...I do have a fast metabolism but honestly I think it's the weight lifting that gives me the biggest bang for my buck. When I slack on that I notice a big difference...less so then when I slack on cardio. I'm getting... READ COMMENT

Oh yes! Still running like a maniac...I'm getting surgery on my foot next month which means I'll be sidelined from all exercise for 6 weeks (!!!!) so funny you mention gummy bears: I always joke that I run for gummy bears and cupcakes.... READ COMMENT

Hi!!! Your comments always make me smile. It wasn't comfortable but I think I have a high pain tolerance. Some say the lips are the absolute worst to get injected-i say they are no worse than any other area. Anyway, I absolutely did not... READ COMMENT