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Fishnet legs sticking out of panther butt is hilarious. I'm glad you can find humor in this. Yours will come off just fine, it's just a matter of time. Take care of yourself flamingo and, again, I'm sending good vibes for your first... READ COMMENT

Yes, there has been significant fading in the black (which is most of the tattoo). Still a long way to go however. I know what you are saying. My nurse told me I will see more blistering down the line when the adjust the "spotsize" of... READ COMMENT

Hi Barbiedoll. I use a lot of aquaphor and this very pure aloe skin gel (the brand is called Aloe Life). These two products really get me through the days of aftercare and beyond. I apply a good layer of aloe, let it dry, then apply the... READ COMMENT

I meant "blob" describes MINE well... p.s. I was estimated at 13 treatments because I have a color. I'm guessing I may need 15. I wait 7 to 8 weeks in between. The longer you wait, the better for your skin and for ink to be cleared--of... READ COMMENT

No I don't have a review here. Yes, I am getting laser removal done. I have my 4th treatment coming up next month. "Blob" is definitely an apt word choice. I will look yours up. I'm here for support. And for questions as well. And... READ COMMENT