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Asian Alar Tiplasty Nightmare? (photo)

Removed cartilage, put it into a ball in the middle to raise and refine tip. im ok with my low nose, no bridge implant. Now a mo. after, i can see a shadow of a ball in my tip... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Reverse Alarplasty?

Is it possible to reverse alarplasty? i had alarplasty and i totally regret it now! i think i had weir excision, wedges were removed from my base and also alar overhang trimmed... READ MORE

Bicuspid Extraction, How to Get Straight Teeth with Wide Arch and Toothy Smile?

Overbite/jet. Pulled both upper first bicuspids. Moved canine and now moving 4 front teeth inward. I felt my smile getting narrow&mouth smaller. i dont want flat lip... READ MORE

Lumpy Nose After Tipplasty Asian? (photo)

How can my nose be fixed? I just want a natural, smaller nose to fit my face. I already had alarplasty and removed cartilage, added skin graft to my tip for tipplasty... READ MORE

Bigger scar and redness after steroid shot in hypertrophic lip scar? (Photo)

3wks ago i was bitten by a dog in my upper lip. did not need stitching. then looked like excess skin was about to develop into a scar with discoloration beside it. i consulted... READ MORE

Lip atrophy after steroid shot in upper lip for a small scar, what are my options?

2wks ago had 1 steroid shot for a small 3wk old scar in my upper lip. Now, the injection site on my upper lip itself (pink part) became wrinkled, lost volume and has tiny... READ MORE

Fillers for steroid induced atrophy? Is this temporary? (photos)

3 wks ago, had steroid injected into very faint scar on top of my middle lip. Now whole mid lip sunk, there are horizontal lines and folds that didnt exist before when i smile.... READ MORE

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Can you smile wide with paranasals? READ COMMENT

Your results are one of the best i've seen. good job! anyway, how did they put the implant? is it under the chin or inside the mouth? thanks. READ COMMENT

Me too... but the other side is still hanging down when I smile... I don't know why because I doubt there's a lot of filler left... if it's scar tissue, how can we fix it? READ COMMENT

The upper right part of my top lip also hangs down just like your previous photo... It has been 1 year since my volbella injection and im desperate already... Where did you get the enzyme? I tried hyaluronidase twice but it did not... READ COMMENT