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Finally ! Now, I'm happy ! The only thing I ever wanted from the beginning was a great set of teeth. Now, I have them. I just couldn't live with the first set of finals, so they built another set. Now ! Now, I'm smiling ! Now, it's time... READ COMMENT

$40,000. for a whistle. A whistle that they have failed to address over the course of 12 visits. A whistle that would drive most people nuts because it happens sometimes 5 or 6 times in one sentence. I guess I'll go to the local News... READ COMMENT

See what I mean ? Who hangs out at a review site over a year after the procedure ? Hey Dallas CC, say hi to the crew ! So, how long have you been working for these guys ? READ COMMENT

Can you tell me exactly where you were in the room when my surgery was taking place ? Do you work for CC ? I find it odd that every time someone reveals something bad about CC, then all of these 'so called' former patients come running... READ COMMENT

Well, I got my final teeth yesterday. For the entire 6 months of waiting for my final teeth to be installed, I had a severe speech impairment and a whistle. Now, the whistle is more uncontrollable than ever and is much louder when I... READ COMMENT