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Will I Have Problems Again if Implants Put Back In? (photo)

I am 60 and had my implants removed 7mos ago because of a seroma! It was drained and then returned. Implants removed. I look hideous!!! Would like them put bk In. Is there a... READ MORE

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Thank you!!! I haven't seen a new ps yet but I plan on it. They said to wait 6 mo's. I still have an indented breast and its very uncomfortable wearing two gel inserts. It's been 3 mos now with no change in this breast. I hate to do... READ COMMENT

THANK YOU!!!!! I appreciate your support and kind words so much! When there is know one to talk to about this it's wonderful to have this web site for support! I'm so happy that I found it now! I had so much hope with all the... READ COMMENT

I know what you mean! I didn't breast feed my children because I was afraid of any unknown effects from having breast implants. What if one was ruptured and didn't know it! Yes, it wasn't very comfortable cuddling my children! Thank... READ COMMENT

Thank you! You don't know how much your kind words mean to me! I felt very alone. READ COMMENT

Thank you for responding. I felt so alone. It's been 3 months now since they have been removed and still look the same. I have to wear 2 gel forms in the left side of my bra to fill it out to match the other one! Some times they... READ COMMENT